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Can you really afford not to hire a professional to help you meet compliance?

With a 53.3% increase in data breach costs over the past three years, a healthcare data breach can cost a facility an average of $10.93 million.

A secure shredding service is crucial for healthcare compliance due to the sensitive nature of patient information handled by healthcare organizations. In adhering to regulations such as HIPAA, patient privacy protection is paramount. Secure shredding ensures the proper disposal of paper documents and electronic devices that contain personal health information, reducing the risk of data breaches and potential legal consequences. By hiring AmeriClean, your healthcare organization can maintain compliance, save time and resources, and demonstrate their commitment to patient privacy and environmental responsibility through responsible disposal and recycling.

Our Compliance Programs

Essential/Self Managed
Online Manifesting
365/24/7 Access
Online Training
Online Manifesting
365/24/7 Access
Online Training
Initial Medical Waste Audit
Initial Exposure Control Plan
Initial Emergency Action Plan
Online Manifesting
365/24/7 Access
Online Training
Annual Medical Waste Audit
Annual Exposure Control Plan
Annual Emergency Action Plan
Annual In-Person Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Access to OSHA 300 Tracking
Access to 50+ OSHA Audits
Access to Federal Regulation Database
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